Hi. I'm wonder if any one has any ideas why eax always return NULL Heres some of the resource script RANGE RGN DISCARDABLE "bg.rgn" And heres some of the code related to it. .data RsrcName db 'RANGE',0 RsrcType db 'RGN',0 RsrcHand dd 0 RsrcSize dd 0 RsrcPoint dd 0 .code ;Find the resource handle invoke FindResource, hWnd, addr RsrcName,addr RsrcType mov RsrcHand, eax ;Load the resource data invoke LoadResource,hWnd,eax mov RsrcPoint, eax ;Get the total size of the resource invoke SizeofResource,hWnd,RsrcHand mov RsrcSize, eax ;Get a valid pointer to the data invoke LockResource,RsrcPoint mov RsrcPoint, eax eax always returns NULL when findresource is called, but the rc seems to compile fine. In case you haven't yet noticed this is all based Complex Dialog Shape in win32asm by TiTi.
Posted on 2001-02-26 18:19:00 by Zadkiel
Sorry, but this is typical isn't it, you spend ages fiddleing around with values, you eventually decid to post a question and then the first thing that occurs to you afterwards solves it. In this case I shouldn't have been passing hWnd to the calls, rather hInst
Posted on 2001-02-26 18:36:00 by Zadkiel