Hello all, I can get MASM to generate a symbol table, but.... I expected to see an entry, for each symbol in my program, that shows the line the symbol is defined on and each line that references it. All I see is the line that it is defined on. How do I turn on the other option? :confused: Thanks, Onyx This message was edited by Onyx, on 2/27/2001 11:09:04 AM
Posted on 2001-02-27 11:07:00 by Onyx
Actually, I just realized that I meant an XREF listing. It shows where your symbols are referenced in your source listing. Any takers now?
Posted on 2001-03-14 18:33:00 by Onyx
Onyx, Sorry, I checked my books, but I couldn't find a setting for making a cross reference list. I didn't want you to think you were being ignored. :-)
Posted on 2001-03-15 09:15:00 by Ernie
Thanks Ernie! Actually I did think I was being ignored. But, at the same time, I know that nobody out there owes me anything. If I get help from a generous person, such as yourself, then that is just icing on this Win32-ASM-community cake. Onyx
Posted on 2001-03-20 09:01:00 by Onyx
An XREF could come in handy, especially if you're working "off-line", like from a listing. All of the mainframe languages, including ASM, have this option. It should be fairly easy to write something to do this. You could read the .LST file, use it's line numbers, build the XREF and append it to the back of the .LST file. Maybe I'll take a shot at it, when I find some free time. But don't hold your breath, since I've been swamped at work lately... :)
Posted on 2001-03-20 18:33:00 by S/390