What do you guys think of a Win32Asm Board Chat? Does it defeat the purpose of the msg board? I know that Win32Asm chat is avalible on IRC. Though, I think a java chat for those of use who don't use IRC would be nice :) . Anyone Agree / Disagree??? Just a thought. This board is already supreme, but would gain in supremeness(is that a word?lol) if it had a 'real time' chat. Thanks, Nok.
Posted on 2001-02-27 14:57:00 by Nokturnal
A java IRC client is a good idea i think. Then when the users are ready they can move onto a real IRC client.
Posted on 2001-02-27 15:12:00 by Zynaps
Hi, a Win32ASM chat should be no problem as this board has a CJB Referrer and CJB offers to every member a chatroom on the MIRC Server. At least I think so because I have one if I wanted to use it. M opinion is this is splitted. On the one hand I think it would be great to be always able to ask somebody a question BUT on the other hand I think that nearly noone could pay his bill for always being online nor is he in mood of being online and reachable all the day. Stefan
Posted on 2001-02-27 16:07:00 by Stefan Krause
And more ppl can read the same answer here... even after a few days...(months :D ) a question answered on a chat..is nice...but lost information for all the others that are not online then :(
Posted on 2001-02-27 17:52:00 by BogdanOntanu
Good point. Like i said, it was just a thought...
Posted on 2001-02-27 21:46:00 by Nokturnal
Actually, Hiroshimator's and my plan for the win32asm community site includes a realtime java chat room too. For those who can't join IRC, the java chat would provide them with access to other win32asm coders. The MB is great as a repository of questions/answers but the flow of information is much much quicker on IRC/java chat. Imagine asking one question on the MB and have to wait a day for the answers and then more questions to clarify the answers. Java chat would eliminate this bottleneck. So if you guys find good java chat progs, notify Hiroshimator or me about it.
Posted on 2001-02-28 01:41:00 by Iczelion
basically IRC access can be included (no problem just $ :() I've tested the Irc thing already and it works fine but the unregistered version adds some lines in your irc screen :( and I 've seen a chat room thingie that includes real voice chat (so you can actually talk to the others using a mic)
Posted on 2001-02-28 17:14:00 by Hiroshimator
There's a fundamental problem with this. First, not everyone can be on the chatline all day, or even parts of the day, or during some week, or at all (for any number of reasons: such as work, and waiting for a damned DSL service to kick-in after transferring it's service from next door). Second, what if someone missed an important question while not logged in? Third, the MB keeps a good archive of everything. I for one, would only find it useful if I needed an immdediate response. But 99.9% of the time, I'm not able to do so. Therefore, the MB is reliable enough, even with a 1-48 hour turnaround. _Shawn
Posted on 2001-02-28 18:02:00 by _Shawn
I don't intend to replace the MB: I only want to open up another channel of communication. And I don't plan to have a dedicated "in-house" coder staying on-line all day long: it will work like a cafe, anyone who wants to chat, just walk in and look around the room for ppl to talk with.
Posted on 2001-02-28 19:38:00 by Iczelion
hmm, sounds cool, but here's something i'm wondering about .. Due to the nature of my work, i have "compact" bursts of workloads, and then sit around for ages, this is the time i spend checking the messageboard & playing w/ tiny masm things that i've been trying to figure out. At home i have no problem with irc, but @ work all ports except 80 are blocked, is it possible to set up a java chat that'll interface with an irc channel via port 80 ? I'm guessing it'll work along the lines of wingate ? Anyway, just putting in the question for those of us who have nasty firewalls ;) Entro-P
Posted on 2001-03-01 03:04:00 by Entro-P
I dislike the idea of a chat, unless it's only an interface to #win32asm on efnet. Otherwise, win32asm programmers will be split too much, unless all of us attend all three forums. As shawn points out, a question answered on the MsgBoard will be available for read to all the rest of us, and thus the amount of redundant questions should be somewhat lower. To hiro: why not code a webbased IRC client yourself? :)
Posted on 2001-03-01 03:29:00 by f0dder
I kind of have enough work already, thank you very much. I have a busy life right now (is a bit weird)
Posted on 2001-03-01 03:38:00 by Hiroshimator