when I start a dos program I know I can make the DOS window not show, but how can I get the text printed out from the program that is running, I want to get the output from a DOS program and display it in a ediBox. does anyone know how this is done?
Posted on 2001-03-01 00:03:00 by Zcoder
See Iczelion's tutorial #21 That's exactly what it does :-)
Posted on 2001-03-01 00:14:00 by Ernie
Thanks again Ernie I think before I ask anymore questions I better look at the TUT's I have. I have all the TUT's. I guess it really is true. if at first you don't succeed, try reading the directions, DUH..... .if INFO_MISSING mov ME,READING_TUTS .endif And thanks again....
Posted on 2001-03-01 01:24:00 by Zcoder