Sorry for sounding like a newbe, but i am to asm. I currently am trying to learn this new language as i have come from Visual Basic :P

The thing i would like to know how to do is make a sinus wave with txt scrolling through it. Does anyone know of any source available or does anyone have any examples which i could learn from?

Thanx in advance

Posted on 2002-01-02 07:30:52 by Deathrow
if you come from AMIGA or something:

the PC hardware does not support any nice effects, you need to
implement all by CPU and hope, that the CPU is fast enough :)

However ...

You should deal with some DirectX stuff, maybe some of the
win32asm tutorials.

For examples try a look here (if you didnt already know):
programmers heaven
Posted on 2002-01-02 09:24:50 by beaster
I think you may be biting off more than you can chew there. Start of by reading up on the two GDI function DrawText and TextOut. Then try and get the scrolling text working.

When your happy with that come back and we'll show you how to go about drawing a sine wave.
Posted on 2002-01-02 10:34:21 by Eóin
thankyou for all the info. I will read upon those functions you named in the above post and then hopefully come back with some results...

Thank you once again.

Posted on 2002-01-02 17:21:35 by Deathrow
Ron's Web site

Sinewave.zip A simple graphics demonstration in assembly, which shows how to write text, draw a curve and play a sound file.

not animated (which I'm guessing you prob. want... but I hope this speeds you on your way to what you want

His site is full of great stuff

Posted on 2002-01-02 21:38:42 by Sliver