Hello, i hope you can understand what i write in my bad english ;) i wonder myself about the taskicons. the icon stay often some minutes in the task after i close a delphi app. since im very new to coding ,i think that there is a seperate space ,windows hold the icon informations. is this true ? i mean if yes,this is a big security hole. as example ,someone can make a dial up connection and hide the icon from task. or my firewall is closed and i see allways the icon and think im safe. now i like to code something to check for the taskicons. like : is the program from where the icon comes actual on ? or if i see a icon ,i like to know if there is a program who use the icon or is it only a fake icon produzed by dangerrous soft. since im not familiar with the msdn search ,i hope someone can post some links for me ,to understand what happends when windows show a taskicon. anyway thanks for reading ;) cu
Posted on 2001-03-03 04:38:00 by WH¥
Check Icz's tut #23 on task icons. However, there is nothing magical about these icons. They may be put there by any running program. You just tell the shell where you want one, register a message your app wants to get, and you're in. I suspect the code in the Delphi app is incorrect. These icons, once registered with the shell STAY in the shell until deleted. There are a few ways you can mess this up.
Posted on 2001-03-03 10:28:00 by Ernie