hi, this never work : LOCAL cfm : CHARFORMAT mov cfm.cbSize, sizeof cfm invoke SendMessageA, hRichEdit, EM_SETCHARFORMAT, 4, addr cfm ; SCF_ALL equ 4h i've recompiled iczelion tut 33 in order to see if it was my code or my system that wrong : and it's my system because changing text color is impossible! i've tested riched20.dll version 2 and 3 ( and more recent), i've tested riched32.dll... but always return FALSE after SendMessage. i've win2k ... latest windows.inc... any idea? please could you say me what version of riched20.dll you use. another question : the original exe of tut33 work fine but if i recompile it, it don't work anymore... sniff :'( -- apology for my bad english :) --
Posted on 2001-03-04 06:34:00 by gael