i am trying a procedure FloatToStr this example exist in masm32 package from hutch in m32lib directory. the point is to modify floating point number to string needed for printing in MessageBox for example. i succeed in compiling but there was an error when i linked it with link.exe the message is unresolved symbol _power10@- bla bla bla i guess there were no implementation of a routine powerof10 does anybody help me please ? i am learning floating point in win32asm why i couldn't an easy tutorial about fpu usage i am lack of some easy example. about fpu that i know : format number 80 bit bit 0 is sign bit bit 1-15 is exponent (it is determine how far mantisa must be shifted. actually this number - 3FFEH) the rest 64 bit is the actual number(mantisa) that will be shifted by value of exponent - 3ffeh based stack operation (use st(0) - st(7)) does anybody share the knowledge please :-> ?
Posted on 2001-03-04 09:36:00 by newbies