Has anyone looked into the possiblity of custom syntax hightlighting in the .NET IDE? Considering all the languages it is suppose to support, I would think that this would be configurable. Thank you, bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-03-04 13:11:00 by bitRAKE
.NET is gonna be so general a case, I'm sure lots of existing tools will come up with syntax files. Then we can rip em off, errr, I mean, study and legitimately reverse engineer them and apply to ASM IDE's (or whatever you use).
Posted on 2001-03-04 13:40:00 by Ernie
For the majority of developers, add-ins, wizards, and macros will provide the rich functionality needed to tailor Visual Studio.NET to their specific needs. Some users, however, need to go beyond the considerable capabilities of the Visual Studio.NET automation model and achieve deeper integration into the IDE. For example, an organization may want to incorporate a new .NET programming language, such as Perl, Python, or COBOL, into the IDE. This may create a need for: -A new project type -A customized editor -Advanced debugging The Visual Studio.NET Integration Program (VSIP) allows developers to accomplish these complex tasks. VSIP, which is a collection of SDKs, is a developer suite and platform that enables VSIP partners finer integration with and more extensive control over the Visual Studio.NET environment by providing access to more interfaces and Help integration. Using VSIP, organizations are able to provide greater functionality in their users' design environment by leveraging the Visual Studio.NET IDE. For more details about VSIP, see http://msdnisv.microsoft.com/msdnisv/vsip/
I think this is what I need, but the link goes to some company registration thing :( bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-03-04 15:30:00 by bitRAKE