Alright! To start off.. I'd just want to say that writing asm is making more & more fun... The more cryptic it looks the more impressed I am... But back to topic: I just wrote 32 lines because I wanted to cut out the first four letters from my szMainBuffer which already in esi. So, starting from esi+4 I copied everything into szTemp in edi. szTemp now having the "good data" but my proggy needs szMainBuffer for processing everything ergo I zeroed out the szMainBuffer using a while loop. Simply copying back doesn't work as it would have 4 letters more at the end. All done I moved the data from szTemp back to szMainBuffer. I'm definitively proud on myself when I saw that it worked perfectly when I suddenly realized that I could have used lstrcpy - simple. duh.. But just asking out: Is my little coding faster than the Win API's? (please say yes :) ) Friendly Yours, JimmyClif
Posted on 2001-03-04 16:47:00 by JimmyClif
Yes... the lstr things are notablly terrible compared to ASM. But, since you're shortening a string, why not copy itself back on itself? Then null the long trailing bytes If you feel like it. Well... I for one wouldn't mind a asm replacement for the lstr functions (both -A and -W verions, of course).
Posted on 2001-03-04 16:55:00 by Ernie
Why not copy itself back on itself?
*hehehe* maybe because I didn't think about it? Anyway, this reduced my 32 lines to not even half of it anymore. (Just wonder if we should get a "ASM Programmers have a life too"-Forum, where I could post my ramblings. ;) ) Jimmy
Posted on 2001-03-05 03:09:00 by JimmyClif