I was writing a system tray utility that uses GPG to get the clipboard encreypted/decrypted when pressing a hotkey and pastes the result back in the clipboard. For this I need to call gpg.exe and feed it with information and get its output back. I never experimented with pipes/StdIn/StdOut redirects and I am having a hard time, even when using Tutorial 21 about pipes. I just can't get it right and I don't even know if gpg is receiving my stream. I am writing with WriteFile to the write end of the StdIn pipe, do I need to close any other pipe end before doing so? GPG will end the data reception on an EOF, but I am sending a null terminated string, so I guess I need to insert an EOF sign (char 26?)before the null?! It would be great if somebody offered his assistence (mailto:Sebastian@SSpaeth.de) or a link to another tutorial as I disslike the current PGP version bloat, but really like the hotkey tray icon thing.
Posted on 2001-03-05 03:12:00 by spaetz