Does somebody know where can I find information about writing/reading/creating etc. files from a vxd because in DDK98 help there is absolutely nothing, not counting a few bad explained services. 10x in advance +ZergoMan
Posted on 2001-03-06 10:28:00 by +ZergoMan
Zergoman, Have you tried looking at the FAQ? here :- VXD FAQ or maybe this is better :- NuMega VXD Source code umbongo.
Posted on 2001-03-06 11:14:00 by umbongo
The numegae vxd ecample link was posted incorrectly, correct link is VxD: Source Code Examples: here is what the page says: "These examples are all included with VtoolsD™. You will need to own a copy of VtoolsD in order to build and link the sample device drivers. These examples serve two purposes: to illustrate how to perform certain VxD programming tasks, and to provide a look at how easy it is to build VxDs using the VtoolsD libraries and frameworks. Some of the examples listed are written in C, while others are written in C++. All of the examples here are shipped with VtoolsD and work on Windows 95 and Windows 98. The examples marked "31" are also compatible with Windows 3.1."
Posted on 2001-03-08 20:10:00 by mega