Hey guys,

I just found out that he had been willing to give the sources to people on the 27th of November. I sent him an e-mail in hopes to get the source so it can be added on to and updated.

Did any one of you know? Did any of you get it? I loved that IDE... If I get it.. does anyone else want to help update it?

Posted on 2002-01-02 11:29:39 by Torch
Dunno about that but it could be nice
i liked this one too and the lack of progress in development made me start my own one.

Tell me if u've some news about that.

Posted on 2002-01-02 12:46:28 by hitchhikr
I have it, and tried it out, but glad to hear about the open source, it has/had problems, and maybe with source you guys can make it a go. Whats it written in, all assembler?


BTW Hitch, see my reply about your little baby, very nice
Posted on 2002-01-02 13:01:14 by Anunitu
MAsmEd was done after visualasm (partly).

The next version is ready to be converted into asm if visualasm becomes opensource i'm ready to melt to 2 projects into a bigger one.

Posted on 2002-01-02 13:06:18 by hitchhikr
Sounds real good Hitch, REAL GOOD!

Posted on 2002-01-02 13:12:44 by Anunitu
I would be willing to jump in, and add some of my AsmStudio code into it. AsmStudio is open source, and it has some damn good code inside it.

Posted on 2002-01-02 20:29:38 by Asm_Freak
I requested the source and Justin sent it to me... the resource file became corrupted and he's currently rebuilding it, so I can't compile, but there's some good source in it... it was programmed in assembly entirely... send him an email and he'll send you the source, it's a good find...

Posted on 2002-01-02 21:26:20 by _Shawn
Yea, I'm still giving it out, but right now I'm kinda on xmas vaction. I
don't have the address of the source here. I will however, send it to you
when I get back which will be sometime after the 4th of this month.

Justin Decker

So it looks like Ill have a copy in a few days
Posted on 2002-01-03 01:07:16 by Torch
That's ok, i already have it. I just don't have the resource file. I don't think justin decker wants people handing it out, i think he wants people to get it from him so he can setup a team.

Posted on 2002-01-03 02:26:20 by Asm_Freak
He seems too busy to even setup a team. If he had that much time hed be working on it himself still hehe
Posted on 2002-01-03 11:34:57 by Torch