hi hiroshimator... i realized that there are so many questions with no reply. as i want to help people i try to search these msg's by clicking through these capters but it takes hours to find all. what about a new section "unreplied". you could (just like "all") redraft all these msg's in this section and if someone replies then it's just deleted from "unreplied" and moved to top on it'S section. hm, bye.
Posted on 2001-03-07 06:19:00 by drcmda
if post authors themselves don't request further answer then it's probably safe to assume that their problem was solved or was already answered in a different thread.
Posted on 2001-03-08 19:26:00 by Hiroshimator
drcmda what if someone else replys with not an answer but saying that they too need help on the same thing?
Posted on 2001-03-09 23:26:00 by Zcoder
Maybe a nice option would be for the thread originator to be able to tag the thread as 'answered' And then have a forum for unanswered threads. This would kind of outline the 'holes' which exist in the assembly language knowledge base :P
Posted on 2001-03-10 02:52:00 by bitRAKE
zcoder... do you really read my Post? i said if someone gives some answer (if usable or not) on a unreplied question it will be deleted in the "unreplied" section and will GET ON TOP on it's and on the "all" section! posts that get still only unusable or no further replies are uninteresting. posts just get a 2nd chance... example: baumanns thread about smaller code, look @ the last chapter and you'll will find the SAME question (unreplied) again! This message was edited by drcmda, on 3/10/2001 3:29:19 PM
Posted on 2001-03-10 14:36:00 by drcmda
OK let me put my solution here: NO it's no use having posts reappear after six months because someone took the time of going through unreplied. If you see a post right now that you can reply on, just do so. This messageboard will probably be purged of older posts after some time (after these posts have been made available in offline form) so that it stays speedy and fun :)
Posted on 2001-03-11 02:55:00 by Hiroshimator