Hiro, congratulations on a wonderful message board. I've noticed that a lot of people weren't in favor of the multiple sections, well I have to agree with you, the board acts as a programming resource much more effectively if its split up into different areas. Besides the "all" section should satisfy everyone. I have a for another section; APIs. Most of the posts in the general section are regarding Windows API, but I would feel that this is a specialized area of assembly and should have its own section. That would also mean that the true "general" questions regarding mathís, strings, etc in assembly wouldn't get lost as they tend to at the moment As a last comment Iíd like to say I love the avatars, (sorry mine caused problems). And Iíd just want to say that one of yours, the big eye is the best Iíve seen yet. If you donít want it can I use it.
Posted on 2001-03-08 17:50:00 by Zadkiel
I do not think that API deserves a specific forum for the following reasons:
  • This board deals with asm in windows 32 bit and thus API calls are legio
  • IMO it's very rare that APIs cause ASM specific problems, usually it's the way we interpret it or wrong info,...
  • open for discussion.
    Posted on 2001-03-08 19:24:00 by Hiroshimator