Hello, some months ago i program in delphi a fake xxx password cracker who do nothing than scan for 100 child porn image names. if he found more then 50 images ,he scan for all images found on HD and mail me the list. so i can see if its an grafican or some one who should be reportet. if some one rename the image ,i can nothing do. so i search the web and found some textfiles about biometric. i never get it working in delphi. so i like to ask i you like to help me to get it work in asm. i think its a good way for you ,to show that asm is not only for virus coding and for me to do something against. the idea i have is: 1.i have to get the image data from the image whe search,like raw data (im not shure what i can get from an image) 2.i search another image for that data later the police can use this to scan the web for images ,the image data to search for can be on a webserver ,as database and so allways up to date. that means ,i have to open a image and search for data. how i search for all images ,i know. but what should i search for ? or another idea is: marking images and search later for the mark inside other images. (name can allways be another ,file will be found by the mark) so the police can make some fake servers and search later for the sign inside other images. better is a tool ,when cp images are found ,he sign all possible other images. (but for this he has to know if the images is illegal or not,so the first idea has to work first) im very new to programming and had a lot dreams... so i ask you to help me and tell me what is possible or better help me to make such a program :) shure i can buy a book and maybe a year later i can make such a tool. but working in a team makes more fun and i can learn more. hope this sounds not that im to lazy to learn. im shure others have also good ideas to this and i like to read them :) if you like ,lets start discussing about this. cu
Posted on 2001-03-10 07:48:00 by WH¥
Why, a program that scans peoples computers and sends you an e-mail with their drive contents without their consent is illegal. This is the last thing that will be said about the subject. You'll only get yourself into troubles like this. If you're interested in coding something for the police, then contact them. International Law Enforcement has more means then you might think. As for this post: please help me respect the contract that binds me to my webhost, it's all I ask. Thank you. And why I'd like to talk to you e-mail me please. This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 3/10/2001 8:14:43 AM
Posted on 2001-03-10 07:55:00 by Hiroshimator