hi all, i was wondering - when you make a window you have to type out all of the windows class like: mov wc.hbrBackground,COLOR_WINDOW+1 mov wc.lpszMenuName,NULL mov wc.lpszClassName,OFFSET ClassName invoke LoadIcon,NULL,IDI_APPLICATION mov wc.hIcon,eax should i just memorize all of the wndowclass properties to learn it? because i always have to look back at some reference to see which property im missing, when i make windows.
Posted on 2001-03-10 20:39:00 by hehe
You should use the prostart program that comes with MASM32v6 it will build your windows class for you so you can beging your coding of your program... check it out. if you don't have the MASM32v6 go get it from Hutch's site.
Posted on 2001-03-10 21:21:00 by Zcoder
I don't memorize anything. If I do, I don't trust what I remember. I keep MSDM open on my desktop. Refer to it sometimes several times per line of code. For WINCLASSEX, I'll usually start from some other program that's somehow similar (which is why I keep all of Icz's tut code handy). Then make changes to suit my needs. There's a lot of things in that struct, together with styles and exstyles, lots of ways to make a window. It's not a trivial process, sometimes takes me up to an hour to get it tweeked just right. Once it even took a few weeks of part time effort, put that was a very special window (and the process eventually became a tutorial).
Posted on 2001-03-11 00:59:00 by Ernie
Hey hey, what I see there written by you, ERNIE, makes me feel happy. I thought it would just be with me (as an amateur) that I copy/paste from one of my older programs into the new project. When I see that even those GURUs don't memory the starting part I feel relieved. Just wanted to quote that :P Stefan
Posted on 2001-03-11 03:33:00 by Stefan Krause
hehe, There is probably more value in understanding what the members of a WNDCLASSEX do than just learning them by rote. You have some very useful adjustments with the structure like background colour, default icons and cursor, extra memory if you need it and knowing these things gives you more power over what you are writing. The other area to get the swing of is the extended styles and the normal window styles for CreateWindowEx() as this allows you to creat windows with very different characteristics. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-03-11 03:47:00 by hutch--