Hi, I've created a Groupbox with CretaeWindowEx, ..., BUTTON_CLASS, ... WS_CHILD or WS_VISIBLE or BS_GROUPBOX,... then I save the backgiven value in hGroup ( Mov hGroup, eax ) Ok, then I putted a button in this GroupBox! And now there is my problem: If I click on this button inside the box, i'll not become any WM_COMMAND - msg in my WndProc! How can I receive a WM_COMMAND message for this button? THX Suppe
Posted on 2001-03-11 09:31:00 by Suppe
Suppe, i've just try to put a button in a BS_GROUPBOX created as you've done: it work as all the other buttons outside the groupbox. Check the procedure that run after the WM_COMMAND message. angelo
Posted on 2001-03-11 10:06:00 by angelo