Hutch has a bug in the WINDOWS.INC. File. Here's the necessary correction: Line 25439 needs to be changed to: AE_CONNSTOP struct ae_cp_compname dd ? ae_cp_username dd ? ae_cp_netname dd ? ae_cp_connid dd ? ae_cp_reason dd ? AE_CONNSTOP ends Line 25473 needs to be changed to AE_CLOSEFILE struct ae_cf_compname dd ? ae_cf_username dd ? ae_cf_resname dd ? ae_cf_fileid dd ? ae_cf_duration dd ? ae_cf_reason dd ? AE_CLOSEFILE ends This is the 1.25? Whichever is included with MASM32 Service Pack 2. Thanks, _Shawn
Posted on 2001-03-12 13:20:00 by _Shawn