Hi, I was recently porting some code from a TASM source I found on the net to MASM, anyway the Tasm syntax for all structs seems to be different, each had some additional letters most likly describing the data type they contained. I removed all the unneeded letters but the XForm struct still didn't compile. I che checked my API reference and according to it I was using the correct syntax: typedef struct _XFORM { // xfrm FLOAT eM11; FLOAT eM12; FLOAT eM21; FLOAT eM22; FLOAT eDx; FLOAT eDy; } XFORM; so I checked the windows.inc and lo and behold it was different: XFORM STRUCT eM11 DWORD ? eM12 DWORD ? eM21 DWORD ? eM22 DWORD ? ex DWORD ? ey DWORD ? XFORM ENDS As you can see the final two don't match. Also why aren't they REAL4 types Admittingly a very small problem, quickly solved, I'm moreso curious is this a mistake in the windows.inc or is the API reference I'm using out of date (intrestingly it refeers to win95 as new and doesn't seem to be aware of win98) Thanks for everything though, without you I couldn't have learned to do what I can now. Zadkiel
Posted on 2001-03-12 16:42:00 by Zadkiel
MSDN agrees with your version, as does WINGDI.h, so it seems you have an OFFICIAL BUG to report to Iczelion. Nice catch. :-)
Posted on 2001-03-12 18:01:00 by Ernie