Hi, I've become interested in learning win32 assembly but have no idea where I should begin. I have taught myself VB and quite a bit of C already. I have a fair grasp of the API and am familiar with programming in general. I guess what I need is some entry level tutorials that explain the syntax, commands, etc. of MASM so I can get my feet wet and understand what I'm doing. At this point in the game I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on Microsoft products and books as my experience with this approach for other languages has been very disappointing. Any suggestions? Thanks
Posted on 2001-03-13 09:32:00 by Cadman
if you dont know assembly at all, read "Art of Assembly" (http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/index.html). This is the best tut for asm. 16 bit tho, this tut is very useful.
Posted on 2001-03-13 09:41:00 by hanzo
My own tutorials also discuss the basics of assembly language, but still focussed on win32asm, you can read them online or download them in htmlhelp format at my site. Thomas
Posted on 2001-03-13 10:06:00 by Thomas
My way, I download some example from masta, hak and Icze. Carefully analyze that. Download MASM 32 from hutch. After that I bought a x86 32bit assembly book. Also download all API help files you can get. It must be WIN32.HLP, RC.HELP ... Take time to write your own program. and so on, on every error you get more knowledge, it' a game. see you Test
Posted on 2001-03-13 10:09:00 by Test Department
i'm just 6 weeks into this game and here's what i've done so far: • got icz's tutes • got the hutch's masm32 package • familiriazed myself with ms win32 api help file • wrote my own code • wrote my own code • wrote my own code • wrote m... i think you get the point
Posted on 2001-03-13 10:15:00 by pixelwise
btw, a million thanks to hutch, iczelion, et al. i just know someday you're gonna be remembered through time for all these.
Posted on 2001-03-13 10:18:00 by pixelwise
Thank you all very much!
Posted on 2001-03-13 10:40:00 by Cadman
Cadman, The guys here have got it right in that the more you write, the easier it gets. What I would suggest if you are using MASM32 is to start playing with the Prostart code wizard, either the old version or the new version to get some code up and running. Once you have some code that builds OK, you can start to play with it, test out ideas, experiment etc ... as this will get you the most practice in a hurry. Use the older version of Prostart to get the lower level code for creating a window as it is important to get the swing of how this stuff works. API code is basically operating system hack code to get an interface up and going so if you can get this stuff running OK, you can start to have fun playing with the assembler instructions where the real action is. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-03-13 14:52:00 by hutch--
Hmmm, I also had a hard time learning asm from scratch... This is what i did: 1. Download icz tuts...read a few parts of the tutorial (until the 3rd part). 2. Download Hutch's Masm32 Assembly editor. 3. Learn a few about registers, offsets(32 bit)... 4. Learn more about win32 programming in C (not required) - but it helps That's it this will give you a little bit of an idea what asm is. Though not completely. At least it will give you an appetite for it. And also read the FAQ's for beginners at icz's homepage. It'll guide you to what tools you need. Try also the newsgroup(comp.lang.asm.x86), perhaps It'll help you too. Though most of the topics are advanced.... This message was edited by umberg6007, on 3/13/2001 6:03:32 PM
Posted on 2001-03-13 17:01:00 by umberg6007
I'm in the middle of this game. I´ve already got all the utilities, and win32API. But, there's some diferences between win32API and the windows.inc from hutch. My win32API has 24MB, and I don't know if exist a newer. I need references to windows.inc. Can anyone help me?
Posted on 2001-03-21 22:03:00 by hyllian
Hi. I'm new with Win32Asm. I used to work with x86Asm in the past. I think that the best way to code in Win32Asm is read all that basic part of 'Art of Asm' about computer architecture, registers, numbers, memory, variables, structures. And then read ALL the Iczelion's tutorials :). It's important to know how Windows work,, the WinMain (the message loop), the WndProc, messages, calls (invokes) to API functions, It's not very difficult :) It's important to learn a little (to start) about MASM, some High Level sintaxes (IF, WHILE, etc.) (easy :)). About invoke, some interesting Macros, etc. For this you can read the very good help that comes with Masm32. Good Luck! See u later. :0
Posted on 2001-03-23 18:25:00 by wolfao