Whenever i create a parent window, with a toolbar, i have several problems when i create & call a child window. First, usually the child window title bar will not light up blue(or whatever default color) when i click on it with the mouse. So there is no way to move/minimize/maximize it within the parent window. Second, if i use the function ShowWindow, SHOWMAXIMIZED. Then the child window will fill the inside of the parent window, which is great, but it also covers up the lower half of the buttons in my toolbar + it can no longer be moved/minimized/maximized. How can this be fixed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Nok.
Posted on 2001-03-15 12:21:00 by Nokturnal
Check the styles of your parent & child windows. The toolbar is simply a child window of the parent window: it's not a PART of the parent window so it's natural that when you maximize another child, it doesn't respect the boundary of the toolbar. You have to obtain the y coordinate of the lower border of the toolbar and adjust the size of your child window accordingly.
Posted on 2001-03-15 19:18:00 by Iczelion