Has anyone seen a uudecoder done in asm, or know where I can find the uudecode alogorithm? Xtreme
Posted on 2001-03-16 02:36:00 by xtreme
At www.wotsit.org there's a document on UUencoded files, download it here, it includes a short description and C source for a file-encoder and decoder. Thomas Edit: just tried the link and saw that wotsit blocks links from other sites :(, do a search on UUE to find the document (there's only one). This message was edited by Thomas, on 3/16/2001 12:06:58 PM
Posted on 2001-03-16 11:05:00 by Thomas
Thanks, I got it... Xtreme
Posted on 2001-03-16 16:41:00 by xtreme