It says that i am forbidden to access files on this server. IS THE SITE DOWN????????
Posted on 2001-03-17 01:09:00 by prob
PEOPLE, RELAX a bit. Sheesh, you can't get onto a site for a half-hour and you think the world is coming to an end. Icz's server is "experiencing technical difficulties." Please stand by, and the problem will be corrected as soon as possible... like it's already UP?
Posted on 2001-03-17 08:13:00 by Ernie
Is it just me or is his site still down? mmmmmm, it's been more the 30 minutes... about two days now......
Posted on 2001-03-17 20:52:00 by Zcoder as said in prior messages :rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-03-17 21:03:00 by Hiroshimator
Try the following, which works for me. I suspect he has moved his site, and the name servers haven't caught up to the new IP address.
Posted on 2001-03-17 23:23:00 by SFinegan