Hi all,

How might you block access to a specific site? I know that you would probably have to code a device driver, I just don't know what functions to look at, etc.. any help would be appreciated :confused:
Posted on 2002-01-02 23:27:48 by Eagle17
I don't know if you seen it or not but see Real Firewall. MAX have some sugestions to start with. I am new with this too. Don't know much just yet.
Posted on 2002-01-03 02:02:09 by cmax
you could code a proxy winsock DLL, you could add an entry in
the "hosts" file to sort of nop out sites, you could make a proxy
app that filter out sites... there's a lot of methods depending on
what you need.
Posted on 2002-01-03 02:08:43 by f0dder
cmax: Do you know where I could find this Real FireWall? Thanks lots..
Posted on 2002-01-04 23:34:27 by Eagle17
REAL FIREWALL is only a post. I had a question about FireWalls last week and I just named the post REAL FIREWALL.

To find anything that you would like to know that has been already posted on this Board just go up to the top of THIS page and click search. Than type in what you want to search for. And press ENTER or go to the bottom of the page and click preform serch.

Just type the word FIREWALL. I don't know how to write the link in here but if you can't find it let me know....i just checked it a minute ago and it's there.

Also there are a lot of Networking post on the board and many Coders that don't mind helping you...Just read them all and one day something will kick in...Don't give up....I have not started yet but i will soon...
Posted on 2002-01-05 07:25:06 by cmax
I use search feature all the time :grin:
I just thought Real Firewall was the name of some open-source firewall software.. I'll look around for it on the board. Thanks!
Posted on 2002-01-05 13:33:43 by Eagle17