I've just posted a reply which mostly consisted of an explanation of the binary-tree algorithm, which gave me an interesting idea - how about a new section of the board for members to post algorithms and explanations. Programming isn't just about the code you write, but also the algorithm you use. A good algorithm in bad code will usually be faster than a bad algorithm in good code. Anyway, it's just an idea - not totally sure how it would work since it wouldn't follow the normal question-reply pattern of the board. I think with all of the different people on here we could create quite a large and useful library of algorithms. Comments?
Posted on 2001-03-19 08:38:00 by tedd
Yeah, sounds interesting, i also think that algorithms are the CORE of any programming, but also analyse and simple work
Posted on 2001-03-20 18:29:00 by BogdanOntanu
Ohhhh, I see a flame forum happening. Someone is gonna post algoX, and neetly explain how it works, what it does for you. INSTANTLY some brat will post back why algoX sucks dork, and why algoY (which is some 20 times larger) is better because only algoY will cover case XYZ (which has occured about 3 times since the big bang, all to this brat) and that only a FOOL will use algoX. Tools are tools. Tools are designed to work in a specific situation. Yeah, it would be a good section. There's too much computer hacking (hacking in the classic GOOD sense) and too little computer science here. That's human nature too, this is a hobby forum, and code is more fun then analysis. ------------------------------- "Our lives are in the hands of men no smarter than you or I. Many of them incompetent boobs. I know this because Iíve worked alongside them, gone bowling with them, watch them pass me over for promotions time and again."
Posted on 2001-03-22 09:16:00 by Ernie
ok message 101 then, as my name didn't change.... I think there are plenty of other places for algorithms, assembler gems, the various snippets sites, I think a 'windows tricks' section, or a more general section would be better. I mean it is a windows assembly programming BBS... then again, maybe we would have an Ernie flaming section :) Umbongo CodeWorrier
Posted on 2001-03-22 09:33:00 by umbongo
ok message 101 then, as my name didn't change.... then again, maybe we would have an Ernie flaming section Umbongo CodeWorrier
Posted on 2001-03-22 12:44:00 by Hiroshimator
I think, all we lack some algo in asm and asm32 training. Ernie, you need it too. I promise to be gentle to you :) No flames, nothing personal - just studing, and sharing ideas. It's not true that there are lots of places for developing algo and coding skills in asm32. We need to gather around it. And I think, we can do it library section, 'cause most of algos need to be found for developing proc size work. The Svin.
Posted on 2001-03-22 13:34:00 by The Svin
The only good code is the code that works in the context in which it exists, and that context changes with the expectations of the programmer, the user, and the processor. An algorithm section would be good. I've abused many programming languages :P and an algorithm sections would help me think better in on the expectations of the processors and the programmer. Hopefully, all the users will be programmers :P $0.02 bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-03-22 14:40:00 by bitRAKE
we'll try it out and see what happens. If however there is lack of interest then this board will be removed and the posts will be moved to general. I think it's the fairest solution. :cool: This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 3/22/2001 5:12:50 PM
Posted on 2001-03-22 15:22:00 by Hiroshimator
I would use it... I'm not one to talk on asm algo's, but I have been methodically working on a C Algorithms book that I'm converting to asm, for binary search, trees, balanced trees, queue's, stacks, sorts and other such stuff... mainly for the educational experience, and partly also for making them available as a library... that would fit nicely... only prob, is for the next foreseeable weeks, I'll be documenting publicly my IDE and it's architecture and implementation... that doesn't mean I'm not interested. Certainly, I am interested. _Shawn
Posted on 2001-03-22 15:53:00 by _Shawn
I think the idea of a forum for library design and algorithms in general is a good idea. Across the range of people who are members of the forum is a lot of experience and pooling this talent in a convenient and useful way will work to the benefit of all the members. I understand Ernie's concern but there is a simple solution for anyone who abuses the forum or other members, SHOOT them !!!!! :) Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-03-22 15:59:00 by hutch--
To Shawn: I would love to study your libraries. A lot of algo treasery was implemented in C and C people are lucky about it. And I think combining best of High Level logic with asm and processor sprcific optimization could make the best weapon. Where can I find your work, if I may? The Svin.
Posted on 2001-03-22 16:16:00 by The Svin
ok message 101 then, as my name didn't change.... then again, maybe we would have an Ernie flaming section
I was expecing to change from "CodeWarrior" to something else, but nothing happened... boo hiss boo! My comment about Ernie was a joke, but being an idiot myself a typo got in there... read "would" as "could" Umbongo CodeIdiot
Posted on 2001-03-23 03:15:00 by umbongo
Well, maybe I'll be writing a few 'essays' now :> See what I come up with Nice to be listened to *L*
Posted on 2001-03-23 06:47:00 by Tedd
Svin, The algorithms I'm talking about will be placed into tutorials... probly little by little over the next 18 weeks, starting early next month. I have to get a little more competent in asm before I start this sort of stuff. The tutorials for each will be made available through Icz website, and the libraries my new domain for a black art programming sort of thing. This site should be operational by early next month. The visual assembler is dissappearing and I'm trying to find someone to transfer www.visualassembler.com over to... if anyone is interested, write me. Actually, if you're interested in knowing what my plans are, visit http://visualassembler.freeservers.com My IDE will still be built, but I want to use it as a tutorial for how to design, architect, and implement properly (using modern techniques and theory). In the process, teach some hard to find info on difficult topics. The direction I want to go in won't allow me to if I don't have the algorithms to support me. I want to teach. So most of my future software will be geared towards just that. Thanks, _Shawn Update: Registered new domain for learning secrets of programming... Black Art Programming Site will be operational by early next month... This message was edited by Shawn Bullock, on 3/23/2001 11:28:58 AM
Posted on 2001-03-23 10:16:00 by _Shawn