This may be a stupid question, but i didnt see a way to change the font in QEditor and the Gun. Is there any way to change it?
Posted on 2001-03-19 11:22:00 by HeroInc
No it's not stupid, and no you can't. Simple really.... you can in noteopad, but not in these... try PFE :) umbongo
Posted on 2001-03-19 12:38:00 by umbongo
well, you could use my patcher and add code to the editor it' s located at *pub**pub* hehehehe :P
Posted on 2001-03-19 13:24:00 by roy
Hmmmm, Both qeditor and TheGun have 2 font choices, fixedsys or ansi, they are both miniature editors so the option range is limited but if you bother to run the config program for either, you have this font change option. If you need a bigger editor with many more options, PFE 1.01 is a very good choice, well written and very large file handling capacity, its just that its a 500k plus program so its not exactly a miniature editor. Last I knew it was on the Simtel archive but I keep a copy of it on my own site as well. Regards,
Posted on 2001-03-19 16:18:00 by hutch--