hi all and happy new year!
I have two little problems:
1- how can i add a combo box or an edit box on a toolbar?
2- how can i change the color of a menu? Is there a way to subclass a menu? If i set a personal cursor for my app, why when i go over the menu the cursor is changed to the standard arrow?
Sorry for lame questions, can anyone help me?
Posted on 2002-01-03 09:56:50 by AndreaGeddon
re 1: I don't think you can add one to a toolbar (might be wrong though), but you can with a rebar control.
At msdn (look here) there is an example that adds a combobox and a toolbar to the rebar control. You can add the edit box in the same way. Iirc, there's a rebar example in the source section of Iczelion's site.

re 2: I think the only option here is to create an owner-drawn menu but this means you'll have to draw all menu items yourself (including texts, different states like disabled, greyed, enabled etc) which isn't much fun. I don't know of an other method.
The cursor probably changes because the menu is a seperate window and this window overrules other cursors.

Posted on 2002-01-03 16:36:54 by Thomas