i love this section :) - hi... does anybody have more detailed informations about capi? i have to patch some program called "AVM ALICE" it's a video-conference software which allows the user to communicate with others. now this software doesn't support encryption so my task should be clear :) i'm sure everything is right, i used mem patching and the debugging api's. my problem is i must modify the data before the "send" and after the "receive" capi-calls, my problem is i don't know where the data is. i disassembled both, alice and this capi dll but i still stuck. i think i will fix this in the next weeks but if someone knows more about capi or have worked with capi and can tell me his thoughts i would be very very gratefull - i mean after spending entire days and nights i must look like a zombie right now. ok, thank you for reading :) bye
Posted on 2001-03-22 17:54:00 by drcmda