Hi there all. I've got an odd problem. When I load the Creative Play Center which comes with the Sound Blaster Live (Which is "skinned" meaning it's got a colorful bitmapped UI) and then run a game which uses DirectDraw Half the time the Bitmapped UI on the play center get's mixed up. (For those of you who are familiar with what a blit from a surface using the wrong pitch looks like, that's what the UI looks like afterword) This first happened while working on my own game. So I decided to test to see if this was an anomaly(sp?) with my game only. I tried it with one of my older games I developed same problem. Tried it with Bogdan's Hostile Encounter game. Same problem. Tried it with all the DDraw examples that come with the SDK, NO PROBLEM AT ALL! I can't figure it out? I tested, and retested this several times now. Assuming Bogdan's game has been tested on Windows 2000 like the web page says, it can't be a memory leak, so what is it? Thanks for any help! See ya, Ben P.S. As you can imagine it is undesirable for my games to wreck other people's computer systems so I'd like to figure out how to prevent that. But I will test to make sure it's not the PlayCenter's fault...
Posted on 2001-03-22 22:56:00 by cyberben
Hi Ben Now what can my game do to play center, they are supposed to be separated? dont they? the only thing that crosses my mind is that Hostile Encounter, your game, and other Intensive/Big DirectX applications use a lot of video and system RAM, and so make the DirectX surfaces of Play Center to get lost, now the DirectX examples are not that intensive as they are just tutorials an no real games :) My suppositions are: 1. Play Center doese not restore/reload all surfaces after he lost focus (probably was developed on a system with big/huge RAM ) 2. Play Center dosent corectly use the LPitch value for locked surfaces (common error), that changes after/when another game is played :) 3. yeah Hostile Encounter may loose some memory bytes because we also are lazy at this developement stage to unload all DX interfaces at the end....but tests have shown that DX does that for us at the end of our programm, anyway a restart should fix that :) Anyway i have to point it out again that i dont see how our DX applications can interact with another (changeing its bitmaps in memory?) other then the fact that we request exclusive access to the same video memory....so i think is a RESTORE LOST SURFACES problem for Play center
Posted on 2001-03-23 09:38:00 by BogdanOntanu