Many of you probably noticed I added some new moderators to order the board a bit better
(if you haven't, don't bother reading on) and I think I can use some more.

You have to uphold the law and sometimes smack down a paw, but it's usually a dull job
mainly revolving around moving posts in the appropriate forums.

So if you think that you'd make a good mod post here. Post the forums you'd like to moderate
and more importantly post why you'd make a good mod for those forums :grin: (let's make you sweat a bit ;)).

Do not send me a PM, if you need to contact me personally about it, use e-mail.

Posted on 2002-01-03 16:03:40 by Hiroshimator
Afternoon, Hiroshimator.

I'll put my name down as a Moderator for the Game Programming forum.

I've got the spare time, and I'm usually in here every day, so I'd know what's happening in each of the threads.

heh. I'm not going to sweat too much - it's hot enough in Sydney at the moment without additional stickiness ;p.

As an aside:
Surely, those people who *ask* to be Moderators are the very ones who *should not* be?
I've said too much.

Posted on 2002-01-03 21:00:06 by Scronty
I volunteer for the networking section.
Experience maintain and configuring Win 9x / WfW networked environments.
Have written a broken Winamp server in PERL
Developed Win32 CGI examples.
Can smell a bad post a mile away.
Posted on 2002-01-03 21:05:20 by eet_1024
I humbly request the honour of moderating the Main and/or Algorithms & Source Code. I have a deep love for assembly language and read most every post on the board. I would like to do whatever I can to see this board remain the quality resource that it is now.

Posted on 2002-01-03 21:14:46 by bitRAKE
I would be intersted in the COM section, seeing all i tend to research is OOP and related. I feel there are more experienced COM people on this board, but i think im one of the more 'active' users, irregardless of the board "statistics" :grin:

To complement BitRakes appeal, i too feel assembly is the best language to study and learn (and likewise have simular opinions regarding MASM itself).

To be honest, I too would also be intestested in the Main section as well, but i dont feel the need to contest for BitRake's claim :)...

However, the bottom line is, I like helping others learn, understand, and progress in the fine arts...

Oh ya.. err... as for skills, i also actually notice who is "online" when i log in... hehehe ;)

Posted on 2002-01-03 23:48:10 by NaN
Hehe ;)
The only thing I think I can moderate is the main section since i'm not "specialized" yet, so have knowledge of the "average" win32 API (can't mesure with some others people there, though) and able to answer to the newbies question that are seeking for some explanations about win32 API.

I come frequently here (something like 20 times per day or more) and the forums rules are very important to me (I like the way this board is free while not being opened to all lame things we see in some other places).
So if someone posts illegal requests or stuff, something about that will be quickly done.
But there's people here with more knowledge than me (uuhm moderator of the Heap ? :tongue: ) but I don't know if it is the main purpose of a moderator to answer to all questions.

I also moderate the forums of a french network about computing. So I'm somewhat experienced in this kind of things.

By the way, it can only sounds like a lame request. ;)

That's all, thanks. ;)
Posted on 2002-01-04 02:05:51 by JCP
Just as an aside to a "very serious matter" I was buttonholed into a group on IRC some years ago called "Old Retired and Lame" (OR&L).

The criterion for membership was selection by other members, membership was involentary and was for life, you could not apply for membership, only be appointed and you did not have to do anything once you became a life member apart from being spammed by "ghiri" every so often.

I am the only surviving member, the -- after my name is the sign of membership "hutch--" and the main advantage was that it spared me from the endless recruiting by cracking groups on IRC by belonging to such an "exclusive" group. :tongue:

Perhaps the criterion for membership should be applied to prospective moderators so that we don't end up with the IRC "l3et0" mentality in the forum.


I am glad you mentioned the idea, I thought f0dder had hacked the forum software and done an IRC takeover.:grin:

Posted on 2002-01-04 04:07:12 by hutch--
I wouldn't mind moderating the networking section as well. Most of my experience is in networking, I visit the board almost every day and I can keep out the 'how do I write a trojan'/'how to spoof..'-people.


Scronty wrote:- it's hot enough in Sydney at the moment without additional stickiness ;p.

Don't complain, it's freezing here in holland :grin:
Posted on 2002-01-04 04:59:34 by Thomas
if you get heaps of answers, then i vote we have some sort of appropriately gladitorial style competition to sort out the new moderators, the more blood spilt and bruises inflicted the better :grin:

(Edit: i have missed out on the whole season of American football so far, due to not having cable, and i am desperately waiting for the rugby league season to start. Obviously i have not seen enough full-contact sport in the last couple of months, hence my reference to 'blood spilt and bruises inflicted' :))
Posted on 2002-01-04 06:49:21 by sluggy
i'm not volunteering to be a moderator,
but just like to recommend a few ppl that I would like to see as moderators ;)

I think Thomas would make a great moderator for the Networking section. he knows a lot about networking/winsock and thus he knows when someone has bad intentions.
I find his posts about networking always interesting and useful on this board.

Game Programming
I don?t read all the posts in this section but I think Scronty and Eion would be make great moderator(s). I always see them most hanging around in this section of the board and I read some very good game related tutorials and samples from these 2 guys.

Algorythms & Sources
i see alot of ppl that know good optimising tricks like the Svin, but I think bitRAKE (the force is strong in this one :grin: ) would be the best suited for this section.

I?m not familier with COM programming, still planning to learn tho but i know Ernie and NaN know alot about COM/OOP.

A lot of stuff is posted in this section of the board and with a lot of variety in kinds of post. I think at least f0dder should be the moderator of this section.

IDE development
Ketil0 and Ewayne. I just love RadASM and it?s one of the best IDE?s for ASM I think.
I have never tried out Ewayne?s IDE, but he has done besides his AsmEdit some other interesting projects as well that could make the development of IDE?s better.

just my 2 ? cents :alright:
Posted on 2002-01-04 07:03:26 by savage
I'd like to moderate the Algorithms & Source Code section, because (almost same reason as bitRAKE) I love ASM and code almost everything in MASM.
And, of course, releasing Algorithms & Source Code's are the stuff, wich drives the board :alright:

I'm browsing this board every day and would have enough free-time, too!
Posted on 2002-01-04 07:30:05 by bazik
I'd like to be a moderator for the "Game Programming" section. Although I don't have a strong background in Win32asm (I'm working on it now) I do have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of directx and opengl (both of which I have created applications for in C++). I'm also here everyday (read profile). :)

But my biggest asset?

I'm in New York and can take over when Scronty's asleep :-) (although it being 4:00 am -- Today may be a bad example)

Posted on 2002-01-05 03:04:36 by Sliver
when there can be more then one for a topic id like to be in Algorithms & Source Code section :-)

since in this section the most postings needed to be remove in another section i cant make a misstake by answering in my bad english :-)

next i can fill this section quick with 50-150 source codes + i coded a little tips&tricks tool so i can search quick for i have no brain for this :-)
if there is no space for me its no problem for me to submit all sources+tips....its the full content on useable sources of google i mean :-)

hm and why i want in this section....why not ?

to say something my brain is empty on this...just look at my "Signature"

im better in saying bad stuff :-)
like my handicaps are:
im not here every day
my b@d englisssssh lookz nod goot
im a totaly newbie
i dont know anyone here
i use Tasm

but a try is a try :-)

have all a nice weekend

ps: what about a new topic : security ?
for all interrested/coding on security stuff.
Posted on 2002-01-05 04:15:00 by Max
Should a moderator be really good in the forum he's handling? (i.e bitRake and/or the Svin for Algo, Eoin for games, Ernie/NaN for COM...). In that case, I volunteer for the Test Forum :grin: Just kidding :) Let the spamwhores moderate so they know what it feels like :grin:
Posted on 2002-01-05 04:44:56 by pixelwise
a moderator should be a good moderator, not a good asm programmer. Uphold the rules, be moderate but firm,...
Posted on 2002-01-05 10:49:34 by Hiroshimator
I think BitRake would be a good choice for moderater of Algorithms, And Thomas would be Great for networking, he's Great, He sent me an example program on how to use ASM in CGI,
post and get operations.
I also think it would be Great to have even a section on CGI in ASM, and utilizing ASM in C and C++,
I may be able to help with the CGI, well I'll let everyone know.
What I mean when I renew my host account and know it'll be around for another year, so then maybe I can, display other peoples asm CGI's, but I need help from others, in identifying maliscous exe's.
And I'm all for all you other guy's like NAN, Earnie, Eoin and those I missed naming in their moderator choices,
Right now I'v taken a slight break on the ASM, to get ready for my Java
class this Spring, You know learning the tools.
I thiink Eoin mentioned he was going to take Java this Spring, hey maybe you can make a simple ASM IDE for writing Applets, I would if I could, but eventually I'll get the hang of Jbuilder.
Anyway this place is Great


Posted on 2002-01-05 12:35:39 by andy981
In my opinion this is how it should go:

    [*]Main - f0dder
    [*]Masm32 - hutch--
    [*]Algorithms & Source Code - bitRAKE
    [*]COM - Erine or NaN
    [*]Networking - (uh...don't really go there too often ;))
    [*]IDEs: usage & development - KetilO or Ewayne
    [*]Crusades - lackluster ;)
    [*]The Heap - lackluster :grin:
    [*]Feedback | Our Community - Hiro of course
    [*]Test Area - lackluster ( I want the important ones ;))

    Well, these are my votes. I tried to put people where they spend most of thier time & have good understanding of. BTW - I'm not afraid to be a jerk if I have to (good reason to have f0dder on Main ;)).
Posted on 2002-01-05 15:07:36 by lackluster
Iczelion and I or administrators but I personally would like to meddle less with the way of the board and Iczelion isn't here a lot lately. I probably will be more net absent in the near future (hurray!! :tongue: )

Ernie, BogdanOntanu and hutch-- are and stay supermoderators, they govern moderators in a sense and they also stay in strict command of their specific sections since it's based largely or completely on their own hard work.

We need more mods because I see an increase in posts and an increase of posts misplaced. Also some things escape our attention, we aren't omnipresent (f0dder is maybe ;) ), so a helping hand by increasing the numbers would be welcome.
Posted on 2002-01-05 16:27:19 by Hiroshimator
Hmm, I was surprised to see my name mentioned, thanks guys, and I must admit I would love to be a moderator of the Games Section.

As for why I think I'd make a good moderator, I suppose the only thing I can suggest is that I'll have the time to check the board regularly. Plus I hate to see topics that should be in the specalised forums put into wrong forums so I'd be very happy to help sort those out.

Anything else, hmm, you know I really hate having to do something like this it becomes an internal struggle between my overwhelming genius trying to shout out and show itself off while my infinite modesty which attemps to hide it all :grin:.

Also, I'm a lick arse, well actually I'm not but you'll all think I am when you read the next bit;
Looking at those rare occasions where Hiro and the other moderators were forced to act I feel they were right, I would fully support the stance they took.
Posted on 2002-01-05 20:26:55 by Eóin
I don't mind opposition that's founded on opinion. I'm also kind of looking for members for our parliament ;)

I'd rather have group decisions about a lot of stuff.
Posted on 2002-01-05 21:26:44 by Hiroshimator