If your going to start a group discussion then can I warn you to be very very careful, democracy is not always the answer.

So far I don't think you all have made any mistakes when moderating this board, and I think the board is safer in the hands of a few sensible people than larger but potentially misguided bunch of people.

The ideal form of goverment for any situation is a group of intelligent people, you only need to replace that with a democracy when you can't find people honest enough. But here we have a very fair group of people so as long as they're happy and capable leave the power with them.

But if you really do need to recruit more people then select them carefully.
Posted on 2002-01-06 07:26:57 by Eóin
I agree with E?in on this point, one of the things behind a democracy is the notion of a constitution that shapes the fundamental structure.

This forum came about through the need for assembler programmers to have a meeting place that was particular to their needs without having to shovel through the attributes of other languages and interests.

The original forum before Hiroshimator hosted it was run by Iczelion and I agreed to support the first new one run by Hiroshimator on the basis that it was a continuation of Iczelion's original concept.

It is fair to say that Hiroshimator has made it a better forum through lots of work and a very even handed policy that keeps the forum focused on assembler issues and avoids the nonsense that many unmoderated forums suffer.

In this environment the members have developed a friendly approach that is useful to assembler newbies as well as more advanced issues and it is based on respect for the other members.

One of the good things in the forum is the range of ages of its members where we have many young guys with a lot of new ideas as well as cantankerous old grumpies that have seen many things in their time. (I fit the latter :) ) We have members whon can write multiple dialects of mainframe assembler as well as PC Intel assembler so the combination is in fact a good one.

If we ended up with a "democracy" the resulted in a group of "l3et0 w4nN4b3e W4nK3rs" trading warez, cracks and viruses and hacking information, I like many others would stop supporting the forum.

What we need with the extra moderators is some grasp of the forum's original concept and the basic respect for the members that recognises that behind each nick name is a human being that comes here more often than not to help other programmers.

This will allow improvement from time to time without the dislocation that would destroy the forum as we know it at the moment. I have no doubt that we have enough members who could do this job well.


Posted on 2002-01-06 18:18:29 by hutch--
well let me rephrase it like I meant it.

The furry emperor wants advise from his senate, that doesn't necessarily mean vox populi.
Posted on 2002-01-06 20:52:53 by Hiroshimator
Well I'm not going to reiterate(sp?) what's already been said. I think the moderator nominations so far are fine in my book.

But mainly I just wanted to say that everyone here seems to have a sense of humor that keeps me in stitches. Who was that on the first page of this thread that said of bitrake: the force is strong with this one? ;) All those who've been nominated are like jedi asm knights!
Posted on 2002-01-08 12:20:41 by Will