Thank all owners of this site. This site is speedy, nice and has a lot of information that make my life easier. :) I really like the way that this site works, the smiles, ... If some day it'll be necessary to finish this site we could, each one, pay a little to maintain it working. Thanks. :) :) :) (I like this smiles...)
Posted on 2001-03-24 17:35:00 by wolfao
and they delete postings fast :(
Posted on 2001-03-25 11:53:00 by EASYCODE
give me 1 example will ya :rolleyes:
Posted on 2001-03-25 14:35:00 by Hiroshimator
Hi yesterday morning i post my "first" posting here,maybe a stupid question. i ask how i can open more then one brwoser window with shellexecute. i program a url submitter and i use this to open the default browser with the submitted url. alltime i can only open 1 browser window,so i ask here how i can open more. yesterday afternon i came back to see if some one post a answer and i did not find my posting :( its ok,yesterday i was angry becasue i did not understand what happend... cu
Posted on 2001-03-26 03:28:00 by EASYCODE
well I didn't delete anything and I'm sure the others didn't either. not a harmless thing like that. Maybe it's moved? To networking?
Posted on 2001-03-26 07:22:00 by Hiroshimator
I remember reading the message. I can't find it. I have gotten some ODBC errors in the last few days.
Posted on 2001-03-26 08:06:00 by SFinegan
really :confused: I was at my parents house during the week-end. but I haven't had any problems on friday or sunday night.
Posted on 2001-03-26 09:47:00 by Hiroshimator
Hi than i had to excuse myself. i thought you delete it. i simply post the question again :) cu
Posted on 2001-03-26 10:35:00 by EASYCODE