hello again, just that you know that i am not lazy and if i got some problem i first try to solve it myself,but i didnt find any good way out of this (again). Look at this home page at this page, you got some edit controls, and a scroller bar. In my application i got 20 of them, i create normal window and then bump on it 20 edit controls, but i see only around 10 of them, now, what is some elegant way to make them scroll, i mean i can attach vscroller with WS_VSCROLL and then catch messages, but how would i do this in some better way, and i also have text between the edit controls, so, what is some good way to scroll all this up and down? It doesnt to be any detailed instructions, just some sketches etc... thank you, Geecko
Posted on 2001-03-24 19:42:00 by Geecko
If I'm reading you correctly, you mean something 'more elegant' then issuing 20 dozen 'MoveWindow' commands every time you see a WM_VSCROLL? How about this: Create ONE child window as just a place holder. Mount your edit controls on this child, then move the child to scroll everything. This way you can place your text in the child's WM_PAINT handler and be assured it moves with the other controls. --------------------- "You couldn’t fool your mother on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine."
Posted on 2001-03-24 20:56:00 by Ernie
lets say that i do this one window and all edit controls on it, at the end for example is 800 pixels in Y. the view window is just for example 600, so i see just first 600 pixels (Y), and 200 are bellow and i dont see them. i cant show them with movewindow function, because with this function i can move window to some x,y position with declared width and height. i cant show the rest 200 pixels(y).look at this page, when you scroll down the page goes up, view size in Y is the same, just 'internal' picture is moving, with movewindow i can just move window but now show what part i wanna show.
Posted on 2001-03-24 21:28:00 by Geecko
Posted on 2001-03-24 21:52:00 by Ernie
Ok, i really didn't properly explain the problem in previous posts:)Lets go again... Create one window, thats it, imagine now you move it around and it works,ok?:)..now we do 50 edit controls and we attach them as child to that window. Now we got window and there are 50 edit controls, now we maximize window, and we see for example just 20 edit controls, because you cant show all 50 edit controls at one time. There must be a scroller that will let use scroll down to all the edit controls that we dont see. Now imagine we have text between edit controls. So to sum up, we have one window, 50 edit controls and between each edit controls is some text. At right side we have vertical scroller. Question: what is some way to scroll all this edit control and text in that window? we cant use MoveWindow->this function just moves around window.We must scroll hidden parts of window(these are edit controls and text that are below and we dont see them). I can draw pictures if you cant imagine:)but seriously this problem is really bugging me so if you can help i will be very gratefull. thank you!
Posted on 2001-03-25 05:48:00 by Geecko
After a few hours, i saw that Ernie was right:)10x Ernie
Posted on 2001-03-25 16:40:00 by Geecko