Hey folks, my problem is following: I'm using masm32 and I'm using the ctext command in my resource script, but when i try to compile it, it doesn't work, so what am i doing wrong ? Regards Typhoon
Posted on 2001-03-25 22:50:00 by Typhoon
sorry, i don't know much about that, but anyways, what kind of control should this ctext be? perhaps i could help you then....
Posted on 2001-03-26 08:45:00 by [SaFc0n]
it is just to add a line of text to a dialogbox, via a resource file CTEXT "blabla", -1, 22, 9, 160, 8 but anyways i fugured it out i guess, it works since i changed the first number in the line to -1 i don't know why though
Posted on 2001-03-26 19:59:00 by Typhoon