Question: I've (among everything else I'm writing) have started to document what assembly looks like from basic C code and C++ code. Primarily, since I'm in the process of converting many C algorithms to tutorials and libraries for both Icz's site and for a project I'm working on. Such stuff as depending on what C keywords you're using, what the equivelant assembly might look like. Ranging from C++ OOP techniques to pure C to mathmatics to parameter passing and variable returns. Just basic stuff. It will give people (newbies) an idea how to produce assembly from higher level syntaxes that are more natural to think of (since I started with Basic and C, I always find myself thinking in C -- for assembly, I'm slowly started to be able to think in assembly, but many a time it helps me to pre-create it in C first then move it to assembly)... It also helps me to learn how to optimize a little better, knowin how C produces it's code, er, well, that depends on the compiler and settings, but the just of what's produced based on what I type... I have proven too many times that borland C++ Builder produces better code than VC++ does... Except for the overhead of the VCL Would a tutorial on such be a welcome tutorial? Or are there better fish to fry? Because, I'm planning on releasing a tutorial if people are interested. Regardless, I'm writing it for my own use anyway, since I'll be using it as reference for my algorithm translation... Thanks, _Shawn
Posted on 2001-03-26 00:40:00 by _Shawn
It's the MOST important job you are doing. Don't hesitate, do it, please. Good luck. The Svin.
Posted on 2001-03-26 01:16:00 by The Svin