Hi, Is there a masm/tasm/nasm version of the lzw compression code. I saw some but it was in C ... nah I think it would be better to create my own algorithm compression code that is better than lzw(impossible?) dunno. Do you know a site/s or book/s you can recommend to learn more about algorithm in masm. Thanks.
Posted on 2001-03-26 17:52:00 by umberg6007
Have a look at Jeremy Collake's site at URL, http://www.collakesoftware.com/ He has posted the source code for JCALG1 which should get you going in the direction you are interested in. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-03-26 18:17:00 by hutch--
There are better compression algorithms like aPack and aPLib. Unless your just wanting to learn compression, I'd use this or the one above (which has source availible). bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-03-26 18:49:00 by bitRAKE
Thanks, I'll check those url's out.
Posted on 2001-03-26 20:54:00 by umberg6007