I have some problems with converting the include files and libraries from the directx8 sdk to asm. I both downloaded the VB and VC version of the SDK. Tlb2inc worked fine for the type library, but some members of the structures are reserved words like 'size' or 'width'. Is there a simple way to exclude these words from a syntax check or something? I tried option nokeyword: and this did work but then I can't use the keywords in my source code. Of course I can rename all reserved words in the include file but if there's an easier solution I would like to know. Another problem is that l2inc crashes on some of the libraries included in th VC SDK. Most of the d3d8*.lib make l2inc crash after the second pass. Is it a bug in l2inc or do the libraries not follow the standard exactly. Any help appreciated, Thomas
Posted on 2001-03-28 12:26:00 by Thomas