I use 2 machines to access to board, my work PC and my home PC, I have only ever 'logged in' to the board from my home PC once, and it now always remembers. My work PC requires me to login everytime I come here. Why is there a difference, the settings on IE5 are the same.... Also, I was wondering if it wouldn't be better ot have all the forums selected by default on the search page, generally I go to the 'all' forum, so I don't remeber which section I posed into, so I have to select all the forums before I hit search... Umbongo
Posted on 2001-03-29 05:03:00 by umbongo
Did you go to login, and check the "cache in cookie" box? I believe that doing that will cache (in a cookie no less) your user name and password. I could be wrong though :P :D:P:D:P Mirno PS sorry for being sarcastic, but its one of those days!
Posted on 2001-03-29 05:09:00 by Mirno
I always check that box... maybe I shouldn't :) Umbongo
Posted on 2001-03-29 05:55:00 by umbongo
oh God we're lazy today :D I'll just add a button that checks them all or something ;) you can log-out via the log-out button :D This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 3/29/2001 4:37:22 PM
Posted on 2001-03-29 15:36:00 by Hiroshimator