Hola, As I know that Dialogs can change from system to system due to a font-size calculation I prefer working with Windows in general. Now, yesterday a friend called and told me that he couldn't see the bottom of my fixed sized window.. ergo part of it was cut off. I was somehow surprised as I position my buttons, editfields, textouts based on window units that the bottom could get cut off.. Fact is, he is right.. I doubled my titlebar size and there were the cut-offs... Now, I'd like to know how I could prevent this. Should I just make a call to getsystemparamxxx and adding it to the lenght of my window before window creation? Is there anything else I should be aware off? Does textsize change on window's, how would I catch that? Would it be easier to create a font and use that all over the place? UhOh... as you see.. lot's of questions.. Thanks - Jimmy
Posted on 2001-03-30 05:51:00 by JimmyClif
JimmyCliff, on my what a can of worms you have opened.... The nice thing about windows 3.1 was that everything was fixed, but with the new '95 GUI everything can change, font size, colour, everything... The only way to get it calculated correctly, is to pre-calculate the sizes at startup using GetSystemMetrics, there a article about in on MSDNYou also have to intercept WM_SETTINGCHANGE because your program might be running when they change resolution etc etc, you'll then have to re-calculate again. Umbongo
Posted on 2001-03-30 06:07:00 by umbongo