When I complile tut35 and execute it I only get a quick flash and program terminates ,but if I comment away these lines the program runs but with no hilighting. invoke SetWindowLong,hwndRichEdit,GWL_WNDPROC, addr NewRichEditProc mov OldWndProc,eax Im running w2k. What`s wrong ??
Posted on 2001-03-31 03:40:00 by jop
First item: I assembled the examples in tut 33-35 under win2k adv. server so you can rule out the possibility of win32 version bugs. Second Item: I bet you didn't take a look at my makefile to check for the "correct" linker switches. Using the linker switches in the makefile will correct your problem This message was edited by Iczelion, on 3/31/2001 8:41:26 AM
Posted on 2001-03-31 07:40:00 by Iczelion
I'v had a similar problem under win98 I compiled the tutorial using the commands specified in the readme and when I run the program it crashes immediatly. Using the readme I was able to compile Tuts 33 and 34 which seem very similar except for syntax highlighting. Note the exe whichs comes with the zip run perfectly.
Posted on 2001-03-31 09:48:00 by Zadkiel
Oops. Sorry guys. Now I know what was wrong. I forgot to change the linker switches in readme.txt and most ppl are not familiar with using makefile so they don't open it up and see the linker switches inside. I'll update readme.txt and reupload it This message was edited by Iczelion, on 3/31/2001 11:19:14 AM
Posted on 2001-03-31 10:16:00 by Iczelion
Work`s OK with linker settings from makefile. (never needed to use that file before) good to know for future :) THANKS Iczelion.
Posted on 2001-03-31 12:41:00 by jop