Hi, Well, I'm in the home stretch on testing bitRakes's Quick sort code & writing a Heap sort. Baby's first steps :P But I've learned a lot in the process. Next step is to write or find a random# generator & then speed test the two... nothing too fancy there. However, while doing this it became painfully obvious that a, even medium quality, debugger would have sped up the process (surprise). Any recommendations? Maybe it's already under my nose? Please note: I'm not asking for warez or cracks. I have to say that the quality of the masm tool kit is quite impressive. almost anything I found elsewhere was already covered by the package & usually better. Side bar: I didn't like AoA/HLA it takes a very... you don't know jack approach to assembly programming... OK for beginners ('cause it's true) but he needs to shed the 'tude after a you get up & going :( We move from HLL to asm b/c we want to become "empowered" :gag: I just used that word... but that's just my opinion. While I'm here... the version of Agner's optimization Help file has been updated atleast to July 2000, but you probably already knew that This message was edited by rafe, on 4/1/2001 1:17:49 PM This message was edited by rafe, on 4/1/2001 6:12:56 PM
Posted on 2001-04-01 13:14:00 by rafe
rafe, here is a free good win32 debugger that i'm using: it work very well and it has also a quite small size too download. about random# gen, look this i have found somewhere ..

Random          proc uses ebx ecx  
                ; Generate Pseudo Random number (Fast)          ;
                ;                                               ;
                ; Entry:   al = size of random number           ;
                ;                                               ;
                ; Return: eax = random number, cl bits in size  ;

                mov     cl,al
                xor     eax,eax
                mov     bl,byte ptr random_init
                and     bl,1
Gen_bit:        shl     eax,1
                mov     edx,random_init ; Copy seed  
                shr     edx,9
                xor     bl,dl
                shr     edx,5
                xor     bl,dl
                bt      ebx,1           ; Copy bit 1 to carry flag
                rcr     random_init,1   ; Rotate seed right 1 bit
                setc    bl              ; Set bl TRUE if carry is set           
                or      al,bl
                dec     cl
                jnz     Gen_bit
Random          endp

hope it helps
Posted on 2001-04-01 17:03:00 by angelo
If you are running win2k try WinDdg which is part of microsoft's "Debugging tools for Windows". It's free
Posted on 2001-04-02 03:05:00 by MArtial_Code
rafe, before OllyDbg, i've try SoftIce but i find OllyDbg better: is smaller, it don't need setup, is freeware and don't modify any autoexec or config.sys angelo
Posted on 2001-04-02 15:09:00 by angelo
Martial_Code where do you get WinDbg from?. Im running w2k. Serceh my comp and its not there, not on CD either. I'd like to take a look at it.
Posted on 2001-04-03 20:30:00 by asm_happy
asm_happy, Check out: http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/debugging/
Posted on 2001-04-03 21:37:00 by Soul~Drudge
I used Softice before, but then I found TRW2000. It's great! It looks just like Softice and is using the same syntax and (the thing that I think is best) you dont have to load it before Windows starts. You just start it like any other program and select the exe-file you want to debug! I think you can find the program at http://www.knlsoft.com /Tcore
Posted on 2001-04-25 12:48:00 by tcore
OllyDebug has been updated to V1.03 http://home.t-online.de/home/Ollydbg
Posted on 2001-04-25 14:01:00 by SFinegan