how can i change the backgroud of a status bar ?
Posted on 2001-04-01 15:19:00 by Typhoon
Well, that depends. If you want to change the whole background, you can use SetClassLong and GCL_HBRBACKGROUND. (This will probably change all status bars, not just yours.) Your second choice is to superclass the Status Bar, and change the wc.hbrBackground variable. Finally, you can make the status bar owner drawn. (I wish I could tell you how, but I've never done owner drawn stuff. Sorry. :)) This will allow you to change the background color of a specific portion of a status bar, rather than the whole thing. These are just some ideas, and if anyone else has a different or better approach, I'd love to hear it. :)
Posted on 2001-04-01 16:04:00 by Racso
Typhoon, I would try with SB_GETRECT and SB_GETBORDERS I found in the platform sdk the message SB_SETBKCOLOR. You must have the comctl32.dll >=4.71? hth vesa This message was edited by vesa, on 4/3/2001 8:13:20 AM
Posted on 2001-04-02 07:14:00 by vesa