Hi there in my app I've got a tab control to select between a number of dialogs. Now when I resize the main window I resize the tab control along with the toolbar and status bar. Now the content of the tab control (A dialog), doesn't resize. Anybody have a brilliantly easy way of making it resize? Is there anything easier than hooking into the message stack or something? Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2001-04-04 00:47:00 by cyberben
For some reason the litle up arrow (To put my post at the top) isn't working for me. So I'm replying to put my message back up there! Somebody has got to have a good idea for this?! Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2001-04-05 21:52:00 by cyberben
I had something like this and I just used ratios for everything. When the main window size changed I just used a loop to recalculate the dimensions of the children and used MoveWindow on all the elements. Unfortunately I lost the code.
Posted on 2001-04-06 07:53:00 by brewmanchu