I am new...
I am lost...
I am trying to compile some ASM code that was given to me
to maintain by work. I have never touched ASM code in my life :(
I do have masm32 installed and read a few docs. whe nI compile the code I get the following error

error A2006: undefined symbol : HFILE_ERROR

any ideas on a resolution? also, seeing I am new could you point me to some docs so I can resolve related issues etc.. if the future without posting here and displaying my total newbi'ness

Posted on 2002-01-04 15:06:24 by ryacketta
Afternoon, ryacketta.

It's the *undefined* bit in *error A2006: undefined symbol : HFILE_ERROR* which gives the clue.

HFILE_ERROR isn't defined (declared/whatever) anywhere.

Going by the name, I'd say that you're missing an include file which declares/defines error stuff.

Are you sure you've been given *all* of the source code from your work?

Posted on 2002-01-04 17:23:38 by Scronty