Hiro, I think I found a glitch... if I insert a URL like www.agner.org/assem The link to this message board gets prepended to the actual link inserted, causing it to fail. But, if I type in http://www.agner.org/assem with the "http://" protocol specifier, it'll create the link properly... :) Thanks, _Shawn
Posted on 2001-04-04 02:53:00 by _Shawn
yeah I know that a long time already :-/ ba I'll throw in a check sometime when I have time (tonight maybe)
Posted on 2001-04-04 04:34:00 by Hiroshimator
Oh... sorry, didn't know... :D _Shawn
Posted on 2001-04-04 18:10:00 by _Shawn
Hi all, I noticed, as _Shawn said, that some people have wrong links to their homepage. I noticed it on Profiles of Bogdan, of Beaster, of Safcon (now fixed) and of some others. It is just a small problem to copy the address and add the http:// manually everytime but it would be cooler to either add the http:// automatically by the board (Hello Hiro:D) or to remind people of adding the http:// to the url. Just wanted to state my opinion! Stefan This message was edited by Stefan Krause, on 4/5/2001 6:04:37 AM
Posted on 2001-04-05 06:03:00 by Stefan Krause