The Second update of AsmEdit V3.1 has several bug fixes and some added features: 1. I removed the need for the Batch and Make files from the program, the program creates the neccessary Batch commands internally to Assemble and Link. 2. Added a Build button on the Toolbar for quick Assemble and Link. 3. The Compile, Assembly, and Link output is directed to an Edit Control, instead of the Console. 4. Added Error line highlighting on the Source or Resource display. 5. You can scroll the error line into view on the parent window by Left Mouse clicking to the left of the error line on the Build output Window. If you have line wrap on the display make sure you turn Word Wrap off or it won't scroll to the right line. The package is posted on Iczelion's web page, but unfortunately it's not the latest, do to my fault. If you download it let me know and I will send you a patch to bring it up to date. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-04-05 07:01:00 by Ewayne