I have soft ice and i know it is a debugger. in fact thats just about all i do know about it :) what the hells it for? and why does it need to be executed through the autoexec.bat??? i have read the things with it but they're pretty lame. you can use it to get memory addresses can't you? i want to find some data in memory and find the address for it. My objective is to make a trainer for a game. i have done a tutorial on making a starcraft trainer but it just tells you the memory addresses as opposed to how to find them. plz help if you can. skud.
Posted on 2001-04-05 13:01:00 by skud
well i can answer your question on why its in the autoexec.bat. well the sooner it loaded at loadup time the more it can do for you. for instance if its loaded right on startup you can debug the device drives. look in your start/programs/softice and there should be a little utitlity to change when softice starts up and it will tell you what purposes it serves to startup at certain times. as for any other help on softice i really cant help you. but i know if you do a search at google on softice tutorials your sure to find something. smurf
Posted on 2001-04-05 19:24:00 by smurf
Softice is a debugger, and it is most used (not by HaX0rZ :P ) to debug device drivers... In early development, they tend to crash (a lot), and when they do, the tend to take the whole of windows with them. So those clever boffins who make softice, make it independant of windows, so when everything goes tits up you can still debug away, note down the registers, etc. Obviously normal debuggers that run under windows will die with windows. Mirno
Posted on 2001-04-06 05:59:00 by Mirno