what is the best way to implement this: you have a program that has a menu, you click on menu 'add item' and dialog appears, on dialog are about 10 edit controls, you fill all edit controls with text then click ok, the first item is inserted now as a item name in listview and all other informations(plus first) are stored in structure and added to linked list. We do that couple of times, and in the main window we see listview items. Now if you double click on item, a new dialog appears with showing everything what we typed when we filled those edit controls for that particular item. Is this possible without linked list, some nicer windows w ay? Like some function where i put to it my _struct_ and it then automaticcly fills in this _struct_ everytime i add item. For example as you know, you can do that with simple list box, windows...etc, but i didnt see any example on SysListView32 Control... Thank you, Geecko
Posted on 2001-04-05 13:32:00 by Geecko
too bad nobody wants to help me, i dont have many years in win32 api experience, i would appreciate every help, even the smallest one, thank you
Posted on 2001-04-07 06:34:00 by Geecko
hm i might be wrong but i think on .Iczelions Homepageis an example that is what ur lookin for . => Address Book, Shortcut Manager, and Shutdown Manager
Posted on 2001-04-07 11:42:00 by Allanon