Hello - I've been having trouble finding good inc files for either opengl and/or directx8. Does any one know of any good files out there, I'm hoping to save myself some time and not have to make one myself Thanks, The Faxman rfairfax@iastate.edu
Posted on 2001-04-07 22:44:00 by thefaxman
I have used Amokila's utility to convert the type lib of the VB directx SDK to an include file. After a few minutes changing the output file I had a working include file. I can mail it to you if you want. But this does not include the normal functions from the normal libs, and l2inc crashes when you try to convert the libs from the visual C directx SDK. but you won't need many functions as most things work with interfaces. Thomas
Posted on 2001-04-09 15:29:00 by Thomas
Just curious, where can I get a copy of Amokila's utility?
Posted on 2001-05-06 22:14:00 by dxantos
Goto Bizzare Creations there you'll find all the files you need to use directx or OpenGL in assembly
Posted on 2001-05-07 05:35:00 by Zadkiel
dxantos, You can find it at Com4Me.net in the download section This message was edited by Amokila, on 5/8/2001 12:28:13 AM
Posted on 2001-05-08 00:27:00 by Amokila
thank you.
Posted on 2001-05-08 17:15:00 by dxantos